Ja Matze :D

Ich nehme das hier als meine neue URL o0

Hammerhart oder?! :D


Matziiiii :D:D:D:D:D

du arrrschiger Rotensäufer, der mich immer schlägt xD


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Uh its gotta be english :D

Yes I'm going to write everything in English, because it's my favorite language, the best and most spoken language in this absolutely fuckin' world ^^
But I haven't got so much to say... what a pity xD
I just went to the city today to meet my absolutely amazing boyfriend and my gorgeous friends =)
We did the same as always...
Uh and I think the Dutch football team won the match against the Italians...
That's blatant o0
But gooooood ^^
So it's easier for us to become the European Football Champion.
Great xD
Yupp, I'm bored xD
I've got nothing to say, but I'm just writing...
I'm sorry if you already read this senseless stuff, but it's hrad to describe my feelings...
I'm just kind of tired, depleted, melancholic, yes, some kind of that...
But I don't want to sleep... oh and YES...!
I hate my fuckin' German teacher...
She's such a whore!
And she's looking like a witch :D
Sounds like bitch.
And that's what she truly is HAHA
Oh my Gosh, I'm talking so much trash...
Especially about other ppl :D
But that doesn't matter to me...
I'm just livin' my life.
And there's nothin' you can do about that... HAHA
Boooooooored :D
Please help me and spam my profile ^^
But not with that commercial shit.
I'm not going to buy Viagra, cause I don't have a problem with getting horny :D xD
I've never said that, ok, have I?!
Or stuff like that.

But: Spam it with much love for this little girl called miRiii ^^^

hugs and loads of love

the strange little girl ( which is definately in love )


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